Fran K.: Frankenstein Trailer

Rob Schmidt wrote and directed the Fran K. pilot in 2018 at Emory University in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. On top of an amazing cast and crew, Rob let some Emory University film majors in on the work to teach film students how to be on set.

In this modern retelling of Frankenstein, we follow a young lesbian woman as she gets kicked out of her home for being gay and has to resort to hooking for money. After meeting a beautiful woman at a gas station, she is forced into a lifestyle that eventually gets her arrested… and put on death row.

Fear Itself

Fear Itself

Rob Directed an episode of Fear Itself in 2009 and showed his talents in TV thrillers

Emily D'Angelo is a dead schoolgirl who speaks to her classmates from beyond the grave. She reveals that she was murdered and she wants her friends help to seek revenge.

Starring: Anna Kendrick, Martin Donovan, Jessica Parker Kennedy

Room for Murder

A girl returns home from college to find her mother has rented out a room in their house to a killer.

Masters of Horror: Right to Die Trailer

Rob joins the list of great horror directors to create this chilling story for Masters of Horror.

Late at night on a lonely country road, Cliff Addison (Martin Donovan of THE DEAD ZONE, WEEDS) and his wife Abby are involved in a fiery car wreck that leaves Cliff unhurt and his wife hideously burned. As Abby lies comatose, kept alive only by life support, her charred spirit seeks vengeance on those who profit from her plight including a slick attorney (Corbin Bernsen). Amidst a storm of angry relatives and pushy reporters, a controversial issue is about to take a horrific turn: Even if Cliff can now find a way to keep his wife alive, will a monstrous secret condemn him to a living hell forever?

Swamp Murders

Swamp Murders

Rob Schmidt Directed an episode of Swamp Murders in 2017. In this episode, the lives of two Georgia teenagers are lost after shots ring out on a remote Florida beach; even with officers from two jurisdictions on the case, leads are scarce, then an unexpected call comes in and promises swift resolution.

Swamp Murders (TV Series)
- Point of No Return (2017)

Your Worst Nightmare

Your Worst Nightmare

Rob has directed 4 episodes of the True Crime TV Show, Your Worst Nightmare which include:

- Come With Me (2019)

- Locked Away (2019)

- Home Invasion (2018)

- Twisted Plan (2018)

Dead Silent

Dead Silent

Rob Schmidt has directed two episodes of this chilling thriller show from ID.

Dead Silent (TV Series)

- Secrets of the Santa Cruz Mountains (2017)

- Fatal Friendship (2017)