Rob Schmidt

"Rob Schmidt counts Stephen King among his fans. King listed Rob’s “Wrong Turn” as his favorite film the year of its release and offered Rob his novel, “Insomnia” to adapt.

Rob officially became a Master of Horror with the making of “Right to Die” for the series of the same name. Other directors from the Masters of Horror series include John Carpenter (The Thing,) Dario Argento (Suspiria,) Stuart Gorden (Reanimator) and Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.)

He received his MFA in directing and screenwriting from the American Film Institute and his BFA from Purchase. In addition to features he has made dozens of short films, docs, ads and music videos and has worked in television on shows for NBC, Showtime and Fox.

Rob drew the attention of Killer Films and producer Christine Vachon with his award winning shorts “Earl’s Demise” & “Saturn.” Vachon produced his MGM feature, “Crime and Punishment in Suburbia,” a Sundance favorite, and his feature “Speed of Life” drew the attention of Stan Winston, with whom he went on to make “Wrong Turn.”

Working again with his favorite actress, Eliza Dushku, Rob made “The Alphabet Killer” based on the double letter murders in and around Rochester, NY.

He is a Directors Guild & Writers Guild member.

He also loves teaching and has taught for NYU Grad Film, The New School and currently Emory University in Atlanta.

Rob is attached to direct several features and recently worked the Standing Rock pipeline protests filming with a VR 360’ crew.